About Doug

Doug Robinson has done more for Coloradans from outside the system than most politicians have done from within.

Over his 20 years working in Colorado’s private sector, Doug has earned a reputation as someone who’s willing to roll up his sleeves to actually get things done. Whether it’s through his business -- creating hundreds of Colorado jobs; his work starting three community non-profits -- taking on issues to make kids lives better; or his family -- raising 5 children with his wife Diane; Doug has time and again proved to be a steadfast leader who is genuinely committed to making a difference.

Unlike the other candidates in this race, Doug’s running for governor because he actually wants to do something -- not just be something. He’ll bring a long-term vision to our state’s government to build Colorado’s vibrant future.

Raised in Michigan as the second of four children, from an early age, Doug was instilled with the principles of hard work, faith in God, and love of country. His first job was cleaning the aerators at the local sewage department, where he learned respect for hard work as well as for those who roll-up their sleeves each day to do what it takes to care for their families.

Doug’s first visit to Colorado came as his family moved across the country to Mather Air Force Base in California, where his father served during the Vietnam War. He returned to Colorado as a young man, serving a church service mission in Mesa County and across much of rural Colorado. He knew then that he wanted to make Colorado his lifelong home.

After working his way through BYU to earn a degree in economics Doug landed a job in New York City, a move that would ultimately change his life; it was while working in New York that he met and fell in love with Diane Carlson. The two were married shortly after and just before Doug enrolled at Columbia Business School, where he studied finance and played on the rugby team.

As a young couple, Doug and Diane struggled to find a work-life balance. They were both working demanding jobs while raising three young sons. They wanted the ability to do more -- more for their kids, more for their community, and more for each other.

It was around this time that Doug was offered a position creating a technology-focused corporate finance practice in Denver. Both he and Diane had been eager for the opportunity to move back West, and one October trip to Colorado convinced them to make it happen. Doug, Diane, and their sons Jack, Tom, and Billy moved to Colorado in 1996.

Colorado proved to be a perfect home for the Robinsons, providing them with the balance they had long sought in New York. They added daughter, Clare, and son, Matt, to the family, as Doug continued to work at the intersection of technology and finance.

Doug’s career has been marked by his unwavering commitment to unlocking the innovation and potential within Coloradans. Over his more than 20 years experience working in Colorado, he’s advised countless companies on how to grow, scale, and raise the capital they need to thrive. In 2004, he started his own advising firm, St. Charles Capital, that quickly became a financial leader in the technology, healthcare, and financial services sectors.

From industry leaders like DigitalGlobe and First Bank, to individual-led startups like Boppy and Swiftpage, Doug has worked with companies of all sizes and positions in Colorado, gaining total insight into the needs of businesses.

In the early days of Swiftpage, a small-business marketing software firm, Doug was asked to join the board to help attract new capital investments. With Doug’s help, the company was able to rapidly expand, gaining hundreds of thousands of users, with hundreds of employees across three continents, all while remaining based in Denver.

Doug has earned a reputation as someone who gets things done -- without excuses and without hesitation. He has a deep understanding of the changes technology will continue to bring to the way we live and work, and has the talent and leadership to ensure Colorado’s prepared.

Doug has never been one to wait around for government solutions. When he sees a problem, he addresses it, and over the years he has become a steadfast advocate for Colorado’s kids.

Shortly after moving to Colorado, Doug became a board member of the newly organized Colorado Technology Association (CTA), where he came to recognize the growing “digital divide” that exists between kids with access to technology, and those without.

Instead of complaining to the government, Doug and his colleagues decided to do something about it; they founded KidsTek. As the first Chairman of the organization, Doug helped to make KidsTek into the game-changing nonprofit that it is today, helping kids gain technology skills through innovative during and after-school programs. Over the years, KidsTek has helped over of 15,000 kids gain real-world skills, and Doug remains on the board today.

More recently, Doug was compelled to act following the passage of Amendment 64 in 2012. Doug and Diane quickly realized that few of our elected statewide officials were going to watch out for Colorado’s kids during the commercialization process. They watched as the wellbeing of children was continually ranked as a last priority by those in charge of implementation.

So instead of stepping back, the Robinsons stepped up, founding Smart Colorado, an organization dedicated to protecting and educating kids about today’s high potency marijuana. The organization now has over five thousand members, and has played an active role in over 16 major pieces of bipartisan legislation. They have been a committed voice for the health of Colorado’s kids, advocating for thoughtful, grounded policies that work to make the marijuana industry safer. Doug has the courage to take on difficult issues.

Outside of his nonprofit work, Doug has been a steadfast community leader, serving on the Executive Board of the Boy Scouts, as a lay pastor in his church, and as a delegate to the National Convention for the Colorado Republican Party. As part of the founding of his company, St. Charles Capital, Doug and his partners agreed that a significant portion of the company’s profits would be given to charitable causes, and over the years they contributed to over 75 nonprofits.

Doug does more than talk -- he works, actively, thoughtfully, and continually to make Colorado the best state in the nation.