A Blueprint for Colorado

Every business starts with an idea – with a vision. Our government started that way too, with the objective of securing our rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Over time, this simple purpose has been muddled to the point where people now expect government to be the answer to every problem. When I am governor, my starting point will always be: what objective are we trying to accomplish?

Instead of discussing ideas and objectives, politicians discuss how much money they can spend. I'm sure you've heard it before:

We need to invest more in...
We need more funding for...
We need an additional $50 million...

In business, we talk about objectives – about goals. But in politics, we only talk about spending.

Fixing government begins with fixing our thinking. Rather than asking how much money we can spend, we need to ask a new question:

What objective are we trying to accomplish?

I believe that our state government has three broad responsibilities to its citizens.


  • Public Schools
  • Charter Schools
  • Community Colleges
  • Universities

  • Roads & Bridges
  • Water & Sewer
  • Power
  • Telecommunications
  • Rail & Air

  • Police & Fire
  • Court Systems
  • Consumer Protection

  • Coloradans deserve a clear objective for every one of the above bullet points - one that tells us more than simply how much money we want to spend.

    Just as in business, our state needs a mission. And when I'm governor, our mission will be:

    To take advantage of the change we see coming to Colorado and to build for our future by ensuring that every Coloradan has the training, tools, and freedom to succeed.